Now I’m a Poet…

So I write Avery a lot. She’s in boot camp and I figure letters from home are cool to get. I find that there are only so many things to write about in a letter. She knows that I miss her and the life at home is the same as it ever was.

So what’s the next step? Compose a damned haiku! It’s just common sense…. Ok, here it is…

I’m missing my girl
I send her my heart in words
Letters aren’t enough

You might think that this is all fun and games, but I couldn’t remember the correct syllable count for each line. Then there was the nightmare scenario of trying to figure out if ‘aren’t’ was one syllable or two. Being a dad is hard



More from April 2018

For the new blog, I’m going through some photos from earlier in the year. Enjoy!

The Journey Begins

Well, here we are… was kind enough to offer us heroes a free premium subscription to WordPress! This is just a test. More to come!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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